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Consequences of wearing improper shoes

Children’s feet are very delicate and sensitive. The younger a child is, the more important are well-fitted shoes.
Bad-fitted ones can lead to various feet deformations and other feet problems in the future.

Shoes can deform feet, if they are:
  • Too short – if the length of a shoe equals the length of a foot, toes touch the top what misshapen the biggest toe, the second and third toe is hammer-shaped.
  • Too long – shoes can’t be too long because children may trip and fall. Moreover, uppers can pinch or hurt feet
  • Too tight – they squeeze feet, worsens the blood circulation. Feet are covered in calluses that have to be removed
  • With a narrow top – it squeezes toes, they are misshapen, hammer-shaped and a child can be club footed. What is more, painful corns appear.
  • With a low top – while walking children bend their toes, toe joints lift. If a shoe top is flat, toes touch the top what causes painful corns.
  • Deformed shoes – any deformations inside shoes rub off and hurt sensitive skin
  • Badly adjusted upper – uppers will rub off ankles if they are at the height of medial or lateral ankles
  • Hard soles – make children walk unnaturally and limit their joint movements. As a result feet can’t grow properly
  • Slip soles – children lead a very active life. Slip soles are not safe because children can fall and hurt themselves.
  • Too heavy – heavy shoes make walking difficult and unnatural. Children easily get tired.
  • Made of hard, insanitary materials – stiff material “fights” with a skin, squeezes it, worsens the blood circulation, rubs off the skin and even deforms feet
  • With an unstable heel – soft shoe heels pinch easily, deform and misshapen legs
  • With deformed uppers – badly sewed uppers misshapen legs
  • With high heels – children shouldn’t wear heels. Bad posture can lead to spine and pelvis problems. The treatment is difficult and long.

Children shouldn’t wear their siblings’ shoes. Every child have a different gait. Shoes adjust to individual feet and deforms. Wearing somebody’s shoes can lead to posture defects in the future.

Saving money on shoes may end up with health problems!

Materials, of which shoes are made, are important too. Insanitary, airtight, non-absorbing sweat materials lead to chafes, overheat feet and difficult in treatment mycosis.

Too stiff materials can lead to injuries like painful corns.