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When we say BARTEK shoes we think comfort and healthily growing’s been our main rule for the last 20 years. During this time we have gained the necessary experience and the confidence of parents.We know how important the quality of shoes for children is… because we are parents too.


BARTEK is a Polish company, the biggest producer in Poland and the only chain store in the country that has shoes intended for children age 1-10. So far, we have produced over 12 million pairs. What is more, we sell our products all over the world.


We own 41 flagship stores in Poland and we cooperate with 200 multi-brand stores in Poland and over 250 abroad. Our models are also available in our internet shop


BARTEK shoes are designed by specialists. We are constantly developing our shoes to fit the child’s foot. What is more, every season our products are testes by external institutions, which confirm their high quality (Positive Opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child No. OP – 4455, valid until 15.09.2015, Healthy Foot sign).




Proper growth of feet depends on well-fitted footwear. That’s why we employ high caliber staff who are knowledgeable about children’s shoes. We equip our stores with special foot measures that help customers choose the proper size. The different growth phases of a child mean that their feet have different needs, that’s why the structure of shoes has to be well fitted to these phases. The shoes we wear in childhood have an effect on our feet when we are adult.


In BARTEK, we make 300 models of shoes in a variety of different colours. All these designs are checked by experts to guarantee the highest quality. Together with anthropologists and orthopaedists from the Institute of the Leather Industry, we examine children’s feet according to the Healthy Foot BARTEK Academy programme. Thanks to this programme, we have gain the knowledge that helps us to create well-fitted shoes.



Bartek make shoes in four size groups:

Infancy - size 17-21,

Toddlers – size 19-26,

Kindergarten – size 26-32,

School – size 33-40.


Unique and innovative design and technological solutions



Selected models contain:

Anti-mycosis and antibacterial inserts B-Fresh and Dry&Go – they protect feet from allergens and mycosis

Reflective elements – they guarantee better visibility on the road after dark

Innovative membrane SYMPATEX REFLEXION – 100% waterproof and windproof, maintains twice as much warmth.




Marki i produkty dostępne w salonach:

marki własne: BARTEK – buty ze skóry naturalnej z profilowaną wkładką oraz  ”bb” – obuwie tekstylne z profilowaną wkładką skórzaną;

inne marki: Puma, Columbia, Geox;

asortyment dodatkowy: skarpetki, rajstopy, plecaki, czapki, piżamki, parasolki, płaszcze przeciwdeszczowe oraz impregnaty do pielęgnacji obuwia;


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