Installation system boots BARTEK

Yes, very soft.

Forget the stiff soles. Termokauczuku backing, soft leather uppers wrapped in feet instead of a rigid insole – is an extraordinary flexibility, friendly toddler feet, makes it light and easy it is every step. Hand-sewn, as in the Indian mokasynie inset emphasizes the softness of the boot and raising the tip of the shoe gives more freedom paluszkom. Try on shoes MAXA Bartek MAXimum flexibility.


The tradition at odds – why?

replaced the traditional insole specially woven and matched it with the upper zszyliśmy. This way, your baby – wearing shoes BARTEK feel really comfortable! And you’ll see how durable they are BARTEK shoes with a special non-woven insole.



Engineering soles? But of course!
High tech in the shoes through innovative design BARTEK insole. We have analyzed the bend where the foot during walking children and then in exactly the same place, instead of a rigid material impeding the natural gait used a solid foam, which makes the child uses the natural strength of his muscles, and his feet float with the lightness of a butterfly. It’s a real comfort BARTKOWY! No limit on high-tech


You get what unique.
Eliminated bonding – just inject directly into a soft polyurethane upper. This way, your child will wear shoes Bartków even lighter and more flexible soles. There is no bonding – no detachment, and leaking significantly reduced. Check out this new quality is essential


Brand new!!

The combination of the two systems installation and Przeszywanego Strobel. This resulted in the fact that this system fitted shoes is very light, flexible, comfortable and durable. This innovative solution has created the perfect shoes for our little ones. Check out our new essential!



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