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Movement prolongs life

Summer is a period that favours activeness. Let us take advantage of this time, and encourage our children to play outdoors. Not much is needed, just comfortable shoes and then exercise will be a genuine and healthy pleasure.

In the era of television and the Internet it is no easy task to encourage a child to take a walk or run outdoors. Experts agree that a lack of movement has disastrous consequences on a developing organism. Heart diseases and all kinds of allergies, spine ache and even psychological problems constitute only some of the consequences from a lack of physical activity. Meanwhile, as tests perfomed in Denmark and United Kingdomdemonstrate, regular and moderate physical activity may prolong human life by three to five years.

Recommendations regarding movement

In accordance with the latest knowledge the best health results are achieved through physical activities practiced most or all days of the week. According to the American Heart Association the recommended daily dose of moderate or intense physical activity for children and teenagers is 60 minutes.

Just try

Not much is neededb to move. Some willingness, baggy clothing and comfortable shoes – a must –which allow the feet to grow correctly and let the child feel comfortable, will do. Such shoes will encourage a youngster to exercise, thereby preventing obesity and the problems that ensue.


Every year BARTEK launches sandals, which are perfect for summer escapades – principally because they are air-permeable and the feet can breathe freely. Moreover the genuine leather the shoes are made of a special leather insole that removes excess sweat and protects againts mycosis.

Holidays and seaside expeditions favour barefooted running. Velcro fasteners are important element that allow them to taken them off and put back on quickly. It is also noteworthy that good shoes improve the safety of the child on the road. As evenings become warmer, we walk after dusk more often. Light reflectors make the child visible in headlights even from 200 metres.


However, what is most important is the lightness and flexibility of the shoes. The shoes manufactured by BARTEK include a special highly flexible foam inside the sole, which makes it easier to bend the sole where the child’s toes begin. This is extremely important since adequate soles allow a child to walk correctly (otherwise, if the shoe is not flexible enough, the child will walk like a duck).

It is good to look for summer shoes in advance, so that the child has enough time for their feet to adjust. Finding suitable children’s shoes early also means lower stress directly before going on holiday, which will certainly improve your mood.