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How to measure children’s feet?

Sometimes we forget that children’s feet grow very fast. In some cases, shoes we bought 2-3 months ago are too small now. Wearing shoes that are too small can deform feet and can lead to a posture defect in the future. So how to measure children’s feet properly?

Feet growth is not regular – sometimes feet grow slowly during the year, sometimes 5 milimetres during 3 months. Understandably, we should measure our children’s feet every three months. Regular examination is a valuable information for orthopedists and pediatrics. What is more, we know if our child needs bigger shoes.

How to measure children’s feet properly?

It’s worth remembering that shoes should be bigger than a feet at about 7-9 milimetres. It’s important because children’s feet grow very fast and move forward while walking.

We have to measure both feet, because in some cases one foot is bigger than the other and shoes should be fitted to the bigger one.

Foot size can be measured in many ways. While measuring children should stand with legs apart.

Indirect measurement
  • Stand on a sheet of paper, heels have to touch the wall
  • Mark the longest toe (sometimes the 2nd toe is longer than the 1st)
  • Use a ruler to measure the distance between the wall and the marked point
jak_mierzyc_stopy_1 jak_mierzyc_stopy_2 jak_mierzyc_stopy_3

Feet measure
  • In every BARTEK store there is a special facility to the feet measurement
  • The way of measurement is similar to that with a ruler
  • Child’s foot is placed on a facility, its heel has to touch the back part of a measure


  • Move the front arm of a measure to the longest toe
  • Measure helps to choose a shoe size in a French numbering
  • In a similar way you can measure your child’s feet using a slide calliper
Contour measurement
  • Place your child’s feet on a sheet of paper and contour them one after the other.
  • Measure the distance between the heel and the longest toe
  • Note the foot length and the date of the measurement
  • Keep your drawings as a record
jak_mierzyc_stopy_5 jak_mierzyc_stopy_6

The notebook of a healthy foot
The notebook is a growth record of your child lower limbs. You can note things like first steps, examination dates, feet size, worrying symptoms, legs position, etc.



You can keep drawings and pictures of your child’s lower limbs in a special envelope. It’s worth to show such documentation orthopaedist, pediatrics or rehabilitation specialist.

Tekst: BARTEK S.A. and Barbara Skrzyńska – anthropolog, Bożena Rajchel-Chyla – anthropolog.
Consultations: dr Wojciech Radło - orthopaedist.