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How to choose good shoes?

Children’s legs and feet are very sensitive. Their growth depends on well-fitted shoes. Badly-fitted ones can lead to a posture defects. If you want your child to have properly growth feet, find out how to choose perfect shoes for it.

Valuable clues:
  • Shoes should be longer 8-10 milimetres than feet, because children’s feet grow very fast and they move forward while walking. Sandals should be longer 4-5 milimetres to prevent toes from touching the ground
  • Children’s toes are radial that’s why shoe tops should be wide
  • Shoes without tops and heels should have wide soles
  • A shoe top should be high. Children lead a very active life and tight shoes can’t limit their movements
  • The rear part of a shoe should be equipped with a spring insert to keep heels in a proper place. Sandals should have special hollow under the heel. Both, inserts and hollows, fulfill the same functions – prevent from misshapen legs and club feet.
  • Shoes have to have elastic soles, that bend easily in a place where toes begin. The biggest advantage of BARTEK shoes is a sole with a super elastic foam that bend easily while walking.
  • Linings should be soft and hygienic, well-fitted to the shape and size. In addition to this, they should absorb sweat.
  • Children shouldn’t wear high heels – 5 milimetres for little children, 10 milimetres for 3-4 year-old children, 20 milimetres for 5-6 year-old children, 25 milimetres for 10 year-old children. Girls shouldn’t wear heels higher than 3,5 cm.
Materials used in shoes production have to be made of natural leather and high-quality textile that can absorb sweat easily. Such materials are highly sanitary.

Author: BARTEK S.A. and Barbara Skrzyńska – anthropolog, Bożena Rajchel-Chyla – anthropolog.
Consultations: dr Wojciech Radło - orthopaedist.