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History of company BARTEK



History of company BARTEK dates back to early 90's - when its activity started. Business owner Pawel Bartnicki's Parents - Janusz and Bozena Bartnicki have been linked with the shoe industry much earlier by working in the state factory "Syrena". There they have gained experience that let them open their own company WYKROMAX, which manufactures and is one of the largest producers of cutting knifes for shoemakers in Poland. Senior Bartnicki dealt with trade in machines for footwear production.

In the early 90's recession caused collapse of state-owned firms and many manufacturers have sold out their machines, devices and other equipment that became idle in the factory halls. Janusz Bartnicki decided to invest in the purchase and modernization of equipment in order to its further resale. It was very hard time and nobody was interested in modernization of production lines. Untapped machines intrigued Pawel Bartnicki, who saw great potential in disused devices.

He decided to set up company producing shoes. Initially company specialized in women's and textile footwear. At this time, production amounts to 80 thousand pairs per year and the company employed 25 persons. Right after the birth of first son a young businessman realized that it was huge problem to find high quality shoes for children on the Polish market. Following the market research it turned out that this is niche worth to take advantage of. It was decided to change production profile for children's shoes. This is how brand BARTEK, which cares about healthy development of children's feet, was created. In 1994 the company significantly raised employment by converting its form from a work-shop into the factory. Also, the machines have been renovated and production hall has been expanded.

Currently, company operates nearly 800 people, and the annual production is about 800 thousand pairs of shoes, which almost 40 % is exported to the east and west markets.