According to the latest research, over 90% of new born babies have healthy feet, and over 80% of adults have problems with their feet.

We design BARTEK shoes according to the anatomical requirements of the feet because we want to give our customers comfort .

Our quality is confirmed by the positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child. 2 lata odpowiedzialnościInstytutu Matki i Dziecka


What do you gain choosing BARTEK shoes?

Confidence choice
You choose comfortable and safe shoes that are designed together with orthopaedists and anthropologists. We use natural materials such as leather and high-quality textile materials to make our shoes.

Lightness, elasticity and comfort
Our production systems (stroble, glue, moccasin, injective) do not require the use of hard elements: that is why BARTEK shoes are light and elastic. The sole is bendable, which makes walking much easier. We have analysed how children’s feet work during walking, which helped us to developan elastic foam thanks to which children use natural strength of their muscles. Movements are not hampered – children can walk or run easily. What is more, the soles are non-slip.

Proper positioning of the foot
Our shoes have an inbuilt elastic insert, that keeps the heel in the right place and protects shoes from deforming. The tip of a shoe is not only wide but also hard, which protect toes.

Protection from microorganisms
Children’s feet sweat more than adults’. Sweat leads to the formation of mites, bacteria and allergens that can cause illness and disease.

Selected models are supplied with reflective elements that guarantee high visibility on the road after dark up to 200 metres. Safety and also non-slip soles.

Perfect fitting, ease of putting on and taking off the shoes
We have in our offer shoes that fasten with velcro, which are a perfect solution for the youngest children. We also have lace-up shoes that can be easily fitted to every foot.

Selected models are supplied with soft inserts made of foam that fits perfectly to your child’s feet. Soft foam has been also placed below the ankles to stabilise joints and protect againts injuries.

Wide range
Every year we make over 300 models of shoes in different colours. All these designs are checked by experts to guarantee the highest quality.

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